Are You Ready For the Climb?

A Word That Transforms

We value the word of God and we stand on its absolute truth completely, even when it conflicts with our current situations, previous histories or personal preferences. We take the risk, we believe God at his word and declare it, and then we expect and look for the results his word is producing around us.

Community That Sharpens

We place trust in one another, even when it’s hard. Sometimes this means mistakes are made, but beauty and growth come out of reconciliation, so we don’t shy away from honest conversations. We choose vulnerability where we learn to love and be loved in this covenant community.

Worship That Awakens

We press into worship, resetting our hearts completely on Him and drawing God’s presence that fills up the room. We are then unlocked from the cares of this world, able to breathe, see and know from his perspective. We won’t go forward without him. Lifting up the name of Jesus in what we came for.